Dreams and Deeds Foundation

D&D it is a type of organisation which works for every single social cause of society. As we know in this covid-19 whole world is suffering from financial problems . Migrants don’t have a job to run their life. As time passes, their troubles are increasing. The government is also […]

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The cat families… part 2

this is the continuation article of part 1 26.Maine Coon cat: Maine coon cat, North America’s only native breed of the longhaired house cat . Though its origins are unknown, it had been first […]

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Did Elephant died or killed?¿

The incident happened on may 27 and it became an issue on June 3. Unless something isn’t something, people will not do anything. Precautions for the consequences will always result in an unpredictable manner. The unidentified tried to save his crop field from the wild and made a wild decision […]

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